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"Do The Right Thing Even If It Provokes Criticism"~Bloomberg

"The Human Connection is The Key To Personal and Career Sucess"~ Paul Meyer

"The Art Of Communication Is The Language Of Leadership"~ James Humes

"Communiction Works on Those Who Work it" ~ John Powell

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"Loving Someone is Easy But Going Through The Tough Times is When You Learn that you trully love them."~ Anonymous

"Always Remeber, Someone's Effort is a Relfection of Their Interest in You." ~ Unknown 

"If You Can't Have Fun, There's No Sense In Doing It."~ Paul Walker

"I Used to Think The Worst Thing in Life Was to End up All Alone,It's Not. The Worst Thing in Life is to End up With People That Make You Feel All Alone."~ Robin Williams                               Self-Love

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"Do It Now Because Sometimes, Later Becomes Never."~ Unknown

"You, Yourself, as Much as Anybody Else in The Entire Universe, Deserve Your Love and Affection. If You Have The Ability to Love, Love Yourself First. Demonstrate Love by Giving it, Unconditionally to Yourself. And as You do, You Will Love You Without Conditions."~ Unknown 

"Listen to The Whispers of Your Soul, The Universe And Your Faith, Not The Whining Taunts or Demands of Random People"~ Brendon Burchard